About Us

Stepper Equipment Facility

Stepper Equipment is a California corporation offering a variety of products and services to Ultratech® wafer stepper users worldwide. Our exclusive focus on Ultratech lithography tools, coupled with over 70 man-years of direct Ultratech experience, enable us to offer:

  • The highest quality parts available, fully tested, warranted, and verified to match OEM specifications prior to shipment
  • Expert in-depth on-site field service assistance by engineers with over 70 man-years of direct Ultratech experience.
  • Pre-owned wafer steppers that are warranted for 1 year.
  • On-site or off-site training using your manuals and training material that came with your Ultratech system.
  • Professional stepper preparation, packaging and shipment worldwide

Recent Additions

  • Capacitive sensor kit for automation loaders (replaces banner sensors)   Ultratech Stepper
  • MVS Beam splitter prism replacement service.   Ultratech Stepper
  • Power connector assembly for Illuminator Lamp House.   Ultratech Stepper