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New Parts

In most cases, NEW parts come with the original documentation if provided. All new parts are inspected / tested at our facility to insure proper operation. SEI offers the same warranty length as provided by the OEM.

Refurbished Parts

'Refurbished' parts have been re-manufactured to original specifications. We perform testing at our facility to insure conformance to OEM specifications. Parts refurbished by SEI come with a 90 day replacement warranty.

Exchange Parts

'Exchange' parts are 'Refurbished' parts offered at a reduced cost. The buyer must return their defective part within 30 days of receiving the 'Exchange' part from SEI to qualify for the reduced price.

Repair Parts

For most parts, SEI offers repair services at our Rocklin, California facility. Turnaround time for 'Repair' parts is usually 1 to 5 days. Your original parts is repaired, installed and tested on our dedicated test steppers to verify 100% operational capability.


Our "NEW" Parts Warranty is 1 year, or OEM warranty, whichever is greater. Our "Refurbished/Repair/Exchange warranty is 90 days.

'No Hassel' Return Policy

If you have a part that is covered by warranty, simply call for a RMA number, and ship the part back to us for prompt replacement. In most cases we will ship you the replacement part prior to receiving your warranted part, to minimize stepper downtime.

Recent Additions

  • Capacitive sensor kit for automation loaders (replaces banner sensors)   Ultratech Stepper
  • MVS Beam splitter prism replacement service.   Ultratech Stepper
  • Power connector assembly for Illuminator Lamp House.   Ultratech Stepper