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Ultratech Stepper Field Service

Whether you are short-handed or have a difficult repair, Stepper Equipment, Inc. can help you. In addition to specialized on-site service and repair, we provide phone and e-mail support to assist you with troubleshooting any model Ultratech Stepper. Our service department provides high quality on-site troubleshooting, repair, and preventive maintenance at much lower prices than OEM.

Our Field Engineering staff have a minimum of 90 years combined experience servicing Ultratech Steppers. Through this time we have developed long term relationships with numerous companies throughout the world. Providing technical troubleshooting, applications support, and scheduled preventive maintenance are just of a few of our services.

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is important in eliminating most predictive failures due to system usage. Lamps must be replaced on a regular basis to maintain proper illumination intensity, control uniformity, and also to prevent catastrophic failure of the mercury arc lamp from excessive use. It is also very important to maintain the XY stage parameters to eliminate premature failure of sub assemblies (air bearings, servo motor and drive rods, etc.). Focus system parameters must be maintained to ensure focus is always centered and product is printed correctly.

Over longer periods of time, various sub-assemblies and hardware have a tendency to drift out of factory tolerance and parts wear that have a direct effect on product. As a result, major preventive maintenance is necessary. This type of preventive maintenance can also be termed as a Baseline. A system baseline measures ALL equipment parameters that are not part of typical preventive maintenance procedures.

  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual PM's
  • Stepper Baselines are part of our Annual PM.
  • Reduced Rate for Annual Contracts
  • Complete Documentation Provided.

If your goal is to become self sufficient with sustaining and preventive maintenance on your Ultratech Steppers, you have come to the right place. Our expert field service staff provides the best training on Ultratech Steppers in the industry. We know training needs vary. Whether you need basic preventive maintenance or advanced process applications, our staff can effectively present tailored lessons that give your personnel the best edge of the learning curve.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly PM training
  • Advanced specific sub-system training.
  • Basic operations training.
  • Advanced operations and applications training.

Ultratech Stepper shrinkwrapped

Your wafer stepper is a very sensitive tool that requires detailed preparation to various sub-assemblies prior to being moved to prevent damage. When shipping the stepper, uniquely designed crates are required to minimize shock and vibration, and to properly secure the stepper to the pallet.

Stepper Equipment has been prepping and shipping steppers for well over 20 years. We have the expertise to make sure your stepper is transported to it's new location without suffering damage that would require expensive repairs. Give us a call to obtain a free estimate for transporting your stepper to it's new location.

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